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Joining the dots..

Between the summer of 2021 and spring 2023 I made a series of dérives (randomly motivated walks) exploring the hills I can see from my home. As an experiment on my first walk, and to slow down the digital experience I took with me my 40-year-old SLR film camera. This was my first ‘proper’ camera. Some expired film given by a friend seemed the obvious partner. Having always embraced serendipity in my work I was keen to discover how the potentially unstable film might render the captured landscape. I was not disappointed.

The results from my first walk in Blaenavon and the post-industrial landscape of the Canada tips exceeded my expectations. The colours were so extreme; the brilliant blues and deep reds gave a captivating other-worldly feel. I felt compelled to repeat the exercise.

The results from each subsequent walk using the same camera with another expired film gave equally surprising results. Seven walks with seven different films later, I have a new body of work and am currently in the process of designing and publishing a photo book. Watch this space..

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